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Razor Harness 2.5

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Kompletes Harness des Razor Side Mount Systems 2.1. Mit einem zweiten Harness System entfällt das Zeitaufwändige Verstellen, wenn sowohl mit Trockentauchanzug als auch mit Nasstauchanzug getaucht wird.

Razor Harness 2.5


Updated, upgraded and designed to integrate seamlessly with the other component parts of Razor Side Mount System Durable 2 inch resin reinforced webbing
All metal plates water jet cut in heavy duty passivated stainless steel
All original Razor Harness custom metal parts embossed with RZR logo

Many people are already familiar with the Razor Harness a tried and tested side mount harness that is already being been used all over the world by divers in a variety of diving environments.

Imitation is they say the sincerest form of flattery and although the Razor Harness has been copied by many proving just how good it really is it has never been bettered until now.

The new Razor Harness still retains the simplicity, functionality and elegance of the original but has been improved to complement the rest of the Razor Side Mount System.

All unique RH parts have been water jet cut from 11 gauge 316 corrosion resistant stainless steel and have been tumbled and passivated

The Delta Shoulder Plate (DSP) has been redesigned to give a more ergonomic fit for the shoulder harness straps and now has additional attachment points for both the T weight system and the BAT wing.

The Mini Back Plate (MBP) has also been adapted to work with both the BAT wing and the T Weight system.

The Drop Attachment Points (DAP's) have been redesigned to give a larger capture and working area making them easier to find and with more space to clip multiple items off too.

In addition the DAP's also act as attachment points for the new modular T weight system.

The new waist closing system is very low profile and can be tensioned or released with just one hand so that the fit of the harness can be adjusted quickly and easily while diving if necessary due to suit compression for example.

The new butt "B" ring gives both more capture area and more organization in a location where you are working by feel alone making it both easier to find and to remove and replace items.

Being able to separate items on the "B" ring also makes it easier to keep multiple items organized for quick identification and retrieval.

The "B" ring tri-glide is designed to allow the Bat Wing to expand without restriction and without it effecting the RH when lots of buoyancy is required but to keep it as low profile as possible and still give full access to all the harness attachment points.


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